Sometimes, no matter what you do, things that you don’t want to happen happen.  Your car breaks down, you lose a job, the person you love falls out of love with you, someone close to you suffers, or worse yet, passes away.

Sometimes, it’s just too much to make sense of. You gnash your teeth, guts twisting inside, and cry out “why”. Sometimes, you do this night after night after night. In that solitary darkness, where your imagination becomes torment, as you count the hours till dawn, hoping to sleep at least a little, there is only silence.

Sometimes, it makes you want to die a little.

But sometimes, we move beyond the pain. Sometimes, as we are all shattered to pieces, fumbling and tripping over our own emotions, fears, and hopes, we have a moment of clarity.

Sometimes, it’s so stark and radical, the whole course of our life seems balanced on that moment, waiting for us to decide whether to embrace its revelation or to flee again into the labyrinth of human struggle, temptation, and frailty.

And sometimes, we make the right choice.

Hang on for sometimes.